The Silver Circus

Featuring spectacular magic, juggling, physical comedy, and tons of audience participation, Andrew Silver presents a one-of-a-kind exhibition of skill and comedy. By adapting techniques and themes from the new vaudeville clowns, Andrew has created a masterpiece of modern performance for every age level.

Man makes funny face with red ball in his mouth and purple rings around his neck during circus act

Live! for $5

Location: Stonington Opera House
Tickets: $5
Ages: All ages!

Andrew Silver is a multi-talented professional variety entertainer who fuses magic, juggling, and physical comedy into his sensational, thought provoking shows. Andrew began his entertainment career as a “theater kid,” performing in a multitude of plays throughout Maine with Portland Players, The Lyric Theater, and Maine State Music Theater. Over the years, Andrew has worked countless hours perfecting his natural ability in juggling and balancing objects; he’s become one of Maine’s top performers in the craft of magic; he’s gone on to become a trained mentalist and a skilled showman in the subtle art of physical comedy.

About Live! for $5

Live! for $5 is an annual series of live performances, available to all for a ticket price of only $5. The series features a wide variety of performances for intergenerational audiences and participants.

Live! for $5 performances are sponsored in part by the W.F. Whitman Family Foundation, in honor Maia Aprahamian.