Robert Frost:
This Verse Business

by Andy Dolan

featuring Gordon Clapp

Robert Frost: This Verse Business

Emmy-winner (NYPD Blue), IRNE-winner (Man in the Ring), and Tony-nominee, Gordon Clapp, stars as poet Robert Frost, who “barded” around the country for nearly 50 years giving sold-out talks to mixed crowds of poetry readers and non-readers alike. Arguably the nation’s first superstar poet, he quipped, “What began in obscurity is ending in a blaze of publicity.” 

A beguiling rascal on the platform, the poet “re-lives” his verse from memory, relates his “wild surmises” on science, politics, and religion, and speaks to the purpose and meaning of art. Then, inviting us home, he drops his mask, shares losses and regrets, considers the sources of his poetic inspiration, and picks up his pencil.

Made possible by Judy and Ray McCaskey

July 19 & 20 at 7pm

* Under 17 half off,  Hancock County students free