The Silver Circus

How do you do something as big as a circus when you’re only one person? In The Silver Circus, Andrew explores the concept of perseverance as he is faced with the daunting task of presenting a full circus show all by himself. The show touches on many important themes including, self confidence, overcoming obstacles, control, and dealing with failure. Featuring spectacular magic, juggling, physical comedy, and tons of audience participation, Andrew presents a one-of-a-kind exhibition of skill and comedy. By adapting techniques and themes from the new vaudeville clowns, Andrew has created a masterpiece of modern performance for every age level.

Man makes funny face with red ball in his mouth and purple rings around his neck during circus act

Live! for $5

Location: Stonington Opera House
Tickets: $5
Ages: All ages!

In addition to the Live! for $5 performance, Andrew Silver will lead a Magic and Juggling Workshop on Sunday, March 19 at 1pm. He will teach and give hands-on experience with such things as sleight of hand, misdirection, and presentation with cards, coins, rubber bands, and many other common household items. You will also learn the basics of 3-ball juggling, balancing objects, and more. Tickets for the workshop are $10, and must be purchased separately from the Live! for $5 performance.

Andrew Silver is a multi-talented professional variety entertainer who fuses magic, juggling, and physical comedy into his sensational, thought provoking shows. He began his entertainment career as a “theater kid”, performing in Maine with the Portland Players, The Lyric Theater, and Maine State Music Theater. Along the way, Andrew dreamed of becoming a solo circus performer, by combining his natural abilities and physical expertise in a demanding but entertaining one-man show. He quit the stage, conceived a plan, undertook serious study and dedicated himself to his craft, pushing forward to create his own unique brand of entertainment. In the time since, Andrew has become one of Maine’s top individual performers in variety entertainment, magic and physical comedy. Combining his many talents — in a show that both excites and delights audiences of all ages — Andrew is a memorable and heart-felt performer, dedicated not only to his art, but also to the thematic story-telling components he infuses into every performance.

About Live! for $5

Live! for $5 is an annual series of live performances, available to all for a ticket price of only $5. The series features a wide variety of performances for intergenerational audiences and participants.

Live! for $5 performances are sponsored in part by the W.F. Whitman Family Foundation, in honor Maia Aprahamian, with additional support from the Margaret E. Burnham Charitable Trust.