Vintage Clothing, Costume, and Overstock Sale

Location: Sunset Church at 315 Sunset Rd. in Deer Isle

Vintage Dresses, Suits, Hats, Belts, Boots, and Bangles!
Silk, Sequins, Suits and Slinky Stuff.

Need a pith helmet? A pair of jodphurs? A cape worthy of Count Dracula?
Get a jump on Halloween!  Find your next party outfit!  Fill the Dress Up Box for the kids.

Man makes funny face with red ball in his mouth and purple rings around his neck during circus act

Hundreds of items of vintage clothing and costumes from past performances at the Stonington Opera House will be on sale at the Sunset Church at 315 Sunset Rd. in Deer Isle from August 31 to September 2. The church has been used by Opera House Arts for the past several years as a costume shop and storage facility.

“The Church kindly leased the space to us for several years after they joined congregations with the other church in Deer Isle village.  We considered purchasing the space but ultimately decided to streamline our operations and focus our resources on the theater and associated buildings in Stonington,” said Pamela Dewell, Interim Executive Director of Opera House Arts.

The collection encompasses many vintage articles of clothing, including men’s suits and women’s party dresses. “There are sequins and jodhpurs, a pith helmet, and two ventriloquist dummies,” said Dewell, “as well as props from many shows over the years, including Almost, Maine.”  On the practical side, there are also many sweaters, coats, and boots.

There are also a number of Honeywell HEPA air filters for sale, some new in their boxes, which the organization purchased last year in the aftermath of the pandemic.  Dewell said she had already received offers for two of them. 

Quilters might be interested in the large assortment of fabric which will also be sold.

“While we are parting with the bulk of the collection, we intend to keep some of the more significant pieces as well as the sewing equipment,” said Dewell adding that the organization will be setting up a costume studio in a different space. 

“We found that between rent, utilities, and maintenance of this lovely physical space, it just isn’t cost effective for us to maintain such an enormous collection,” Dewell said, adding, “and, in this day and age, there is much available on-line and for rent and we have seen that despite having so many things to pick from, many of our costume designers have chosen to build show specific costumes and have needed sizes and styles that we haven’t had in stock.”

The Opera House is urging everyone to get a jump on Halloween, or their next party outfit. 

And there are also plenty of everyday clothes like jeans, khakis and button-down shirts – which will be on sale for just a dollar each!